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Having held senior positions both in-house and client-side Louise Dodds is able to work proactively in partnership with the in-house team, established agency partners and suppliers to accelerate marketing and event projects at pace. Louise combines strategic know-how with a natural love of detail to create effective business solutions and event experiences.

Louise likes to work alongside the in-house team to interrogate and better understand the audience's needs. After understanding the business objectives, identifying actionable insights and the commercial opportunities, Louise will then create a clear project plan, full of magic touches. A plan that will inspire, entertain and grow your target audience. Louise is committed to ensuring the process is robust, fun and rewarding for everyone involved.

Business Planning and ideation

Do you need help auditing your existing marketing mix? Would you like to better understand what is happening across the industry landscape, but lack the resources to investigate fully? Louise will help you understand how effective your current mix is and  identify quick wins that can change your business, immediately. She will help you develop your marketing plan and campaign ideas including future project management and delivery, if required.

Brand Partnerships and Sponsorship

Are you looking for an experienced sponsorship consultancy or implementation service? Louise helps brands, athletes, governing bodies and rightsholders to make informed decisions before, during and when renewing a sponsorship. Louise is adept at identifing synergies and opportunities to create authentic and memoreable partnerships and brand platforms. She will help you create bespoke assets that you can use to leverage a partnership and determine the best messaging to deliver your brand promise and engage fans.

Content Marketing

Do you want to tell more people about your brand or product? To generate more enquiries and get people talking postively about your business? Louise will help you to craft and refine your brand stories and create a content plan to engage the target audience and shift brand perception. Louise will advise on the best channels and tools to create and communicate innovative content, effciently. She will manage social media output if required.

Digital Strategy

Is digital not playing as big a role in your business as it could? Louise will help you to drive Digital Transformation through your business and harness the power of digital solutions to increase e-commerce revenue and improve the online experience for your target audience. She will develop a digital marketing plan which increases acquisition, conversion and retension rates and improves the overall effeciency of the online business processes.


Do you want to organise an event to showcase your organisation or to get your brand closer to your target audience? Louise will help you create, plan and deliver engaging, memoreable and shareable event experiences.  She offers end-to-end project management of major events, sports events and contests, conferences, new product launches, team building / employee engagement events,  and brand experiences at larger third party events.

Fan engagement/ Promotions

Are you looking to engage more people with your event, team or product? Perhaps you want to attract more visitors to your venue or sell more merchandise? Louise works with rights holders, venues and brands to identify the most profitable audience segments. She will advise on the most effcient marketing channels and touchpoints to inspire and entertain your target audience, before, during and after the event. She will work with you to deliver the ultimate spectator experience.

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